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Form of Government

The City of Riviera Beach has a Mayor-Council-Manager form of government, in which the City Council appoints the City Manager as the chief executive officer to manage the day-to-day operations of the city. The City Manager appoints department directors, prepares the budget for the Council's consideration and makes reports and recommendations to the City Council. In this form of government, the members of the City Council act (by voting) as policy makers and fiduciary agents for the city. They are elected for three-year terms according to the district - though they compete citywide. The City Manager and the City Attorney are charter officers and report directly to the City Council. The executive director of the Community Redevelopment Agency reports directly to the City Council as well. The City Council members also sit as the Board of the Community Redevelopment Agency. 

The Mayor, in the Mayor-Council-Manager form of government, does not vote. The Mayor has appointment powers in some matters and veto power in other matters. The Mayor through the City Charter also has the authority to take disciplinary action. The Mayor helps solicit residents' views on issues, and helps interpret these views for policy makers. The Mayor is also a key representative in intergovernmental relations.

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600 W. Blue Heron Boulevard,
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Office: (561) 845-4000

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