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3/2/2016 - City of Riviera Beach Education Scholarship Program 2016

Funds for the 2016 - 2017 Riviera Beach Education Scholarships were made available through a $19,000.00 budget appropriation by the City Council. Additional funds may be received from city business partners, and private donations. Scholarship awards will be $1,000 each. The City’s goal is to award every qualified applicant. However, only the 19 top ranked qualified applicants are guaranteed a Scholarship Award. Additional Scholarships will be awarded in ranked order based upon available donations received.

The Scholarship Program is administered by the Riviera Beach Education Advisory Committee under direction of the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager.


Thomas A. Masters

City Council Chairwoman

Dawn S. Pardo

City Council Chair Pro-Tem

Terence “TD” Davis

City Council Members

Bruce A. Guyton
Kashamba Miller-Anderson
"Cedrick A. T

City Manager

Ruth C. Jones

City Attorney

Pamala Hanna Ryan

City Clerk

Claudene Anthony

Riviera Beach Education Advisory Committee

Hyacinthia Becton, Chairperson Rose Anne Brown, Co-Chairperson

RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA. . .“The Best Waterfront City In Which To Live, Work, And Play”


Click Here For Application NOTE: Applications received after
5:00 PM Monday, April 25, 2016
, WILL NOT be considered.