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3/25/2021 - Plan To Combat Violence & Engage The Community



The intent of this joint message is to inform you that as a result of increased criminal activity within our community, and adjacent communities we will be increasing our officer complement to assist in policing our community. We understand that this pandemic has added stress, and pressures to our community that has never been experienced in the past; however, we are cognizant of that, we want to ensure that we are doing our very best to keep our communities safe, but we will continue to improve every day.

There is no rationale, or reasoning for criminal activity to be accepted in any community in the nation, and the world for that matter.

The chief of police and his command staff have drafted a strategic plan intended to provide for more community involvement and engagement with regards to community policing. In addition, it will provide for deterrence measures that will make it abundantly clear that crime will not be accepted in our community. We believe that a hallmark of a safe community is a genuine working honest relationship with the community in which it serves. We expect and demand the very best from those that are entrusted to protect it. Our officers, along with our partners are working diligently to provide closure to families that have experienced acts of violence, as well as, apprehending the suspects that are perpetrators of these crimes. On a weekly basis, the Chief, and his staff will address concerns from the community, and provide valuable information that law enforcement has gathered associated with persons of interest, guns, drugs, and items that are recovered due to the efforts of your police department.

Next week, the Chief and I will be releasing information concerning the exceptional work that is being done, and our continued efforts to make Riviera Beach one of the safest cities in Palm Beach County, State of Florida. Rest assured, you will start to see weekly briefings by law enforcement, stats, and tips necessary to make our community safe as it can be. In closing, we will do our absolute best to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the city is our number one priority. The members of our law enforcement team appreciate the support and continued resilience that has been a hallmark of this community.

Humbly Submitted,

Jonathan Evans – City Manager, MPA, MBA, ICMA- CM
Nathan Osgood – Chief of Police, MSCJ