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The City of Riviera Beach provides electronic access to the City's interests against real property. Reports are provided through the Internet using a system called Conduits™, which is operated and supported by Net Assets Corporation. The reports include Utilities and Lot Cleaning’s only. For Code Enforcement liens see contact information below.

The Conduits™ reports are typically requested and provided to title companies, search agencies, escrow agents, and other real estate professionals as a regular part of real estate transactions. If you are associated with such an organization, access can be obtained through your company or Net Assets Corporation can help in getting your company setup as a regular user of Conduits. To begin using Conduits™, please visit the website:

Conduits Website

For assistance, please contact Net Assets Corporation at (541) 485-8876 or by email,

For code enforcement liens, please reach out to the Office of City Clerk:

Office of the City Clerk
600 West Blue Heron Blvd.
Riviera Beach, FL. 33404
Phone: (561) 845-4090
Fax: (561) 840-3438
Email address:

Mail payment to:

P O BOX 9757
Riviera Beach, FL 33419
Fedex or UPS payment to:
600 Blue Heron Blvd STE 108
Riviera Beach, FL 33404





Randy M. Sherman

Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Phone: (561) 845-4040


Nydia Reynolds

Assistant Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Phone: (561) 845-4040


Tessfa Bell

Treasury Administrator

Phone: (561) 841-0208


Paula Stephens-Keith

Customer Service Administrator
Phone: (561) 840-3104


Maurice Spence

Assistant Customer Service Administrator

Phone: (561) 841-0201