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General Employee Civil Service Board

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Meetings Held:
Lyndsey Davis Center 
1550 W 28th Street
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Every 2nd Tuesday of each month (6pm) 

Composition & Qualifications:
Seven members and two alternates – five members and an alternate appointed by the City Council; two members and one alternate elected by employees. Appointed members must be a registered voter – City of Riviera Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Sec. 2-127(b)

Appointing Authority:
City Council

Board Term:
Members – two years; alternate members – one year. Terms of appointed members shall end at 5:p.m. on the date of the second regular city council meeting in April; term of office of elected members shall end April 30th.

City of Riviera Beach Code of Ordinances – Chapter 2, Art. III, Division 7

To encourage and promote a proper personnel system for the city, to inspire public confidence in the city service, to assist, through a proper personnel system, administrative officials in the efficient performance of their tasks, and to provide employees in the classified service, an opportunity for honorable and useful employment.

Liaison Department:
Human Resources
(561) 840-4880

Administration Contact

600 W. Blue Heron Boulevard,
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Office: (561) 845-4000



Dr. Lydia Smith


James Shaw
Chair Pro-Tem, Employee Representative


Dr. Gloria J. Koon
Recording Secretary


Ms. Deborah Hall-McCullon
Employee Representative


Ms. Dorothy Bullard

Board Member


Willis Williams
Board Member


Joe Nubin II
Board Member


Glendora Williams
Alternate-Employee Representative  

Board Attorney  

Cory Smith, Attorney