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The City Manager is the administrative head of the City of Riviera Beach municipal government, responsible for the administration of all departments except for those under the direction of the City Attorney and the legislative staff, which report directly to the City Council.


City Administration oversees all government operations. Working closely with various city departments and city officials, the City Manager manage policies, create new public programs, maintain the city budget and advise the city council. The City Manager's Office is comprised of the City Manager (CM), Deputy City Manager (DCM), Assistant City Manager (ACM), Assistant to the City Manager, Economic and Business Development, Communications, Community Programs and administrative support staff.  The City Manager, Deputy City Manager and Assistant City Manager oversee various City departments, while the Assistant to the City Manager serves as a special projects manager reporting directly to the City Manager for special initiatives, projects and programs.


Currently, the oversight of all departments are organized by operational sectors that report directly to the CM, DCM and ACM:


City Manager, Jonathan Evans - Public Safety and  Security:

  • Fire

  • Police

  • Information Technology

  • Finance & Administrative Services

  • Communications

  • City Manager’s Office

  • Youth Empowerment 

Deputy City Manager – Internal Operations and Quality-of-Life Services:

  • Procurement

  • Human Resources

  • Library Services

  • Parks & Recreation

  • City Clerk

  • Community Services – Justice Service Center, Civil Drug Court

Assistant City Manager, Deirdre Jacobs – Infrastructure and Development:

  • Development Services

  • Utility District

  • Public Works


Contact Information

City Manager
Jonathan E. Evans
Office Line: (561) 812-6597

Assistant City Manager

Deirdre M. Jacobs 



Assistant to City Manager
Valerie Grimsley, BLS, MACS, CPLC
Office Line: (561) 812-6598


Office Manager
Tanya McCray
Office Line: (561) 812-6597


Executive Assistant
Latosha Phillips
Office Line: (561) 812-6592


Special Events Manager
Aladia Franks-Edwards
Office: (561) 845-3412

Office Location:

1481 W 15th St, 2nd floor, 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Office Line: (561) 812-6590

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