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Geographic information System (GIS)

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The GIS Division is responsible for developing and maintaining geospatial data while delivering simple, interactive mapping tools to enable the City and citizens to seamlessly access, query, and visualize the information.

Service Delivery

The GIS Division provides services in the following areas:

  • GIS Products & Services: include development and maintenance of GIS Data, tools, and models, and support for spatial and web applications. GIS products include the development of GIS tools and web-based applications and geo-processing models and customized spatial data for computer applications. GIS Services include generation and updating of data layers, building and maintenance of geo-processing models, custom map products, and authoring of metadata and other documentation. The GIS Division is also responsible for reviewing GIS Strategy for centralized GIS creation.
  • Enterprise GIS Project Support: includes the coordination and development of GIS data collected by other departments that is distributed to desktop computers or mobile devices for use in the office and in the field. Enterprise GIS support also distributes GIS-related software and licensing to all participating City departments, publishes City-generated GIS data to a centralized server environment to optimize system performance, develops custom GIS applications including two external GIS web-based applications used by developers, and coordinates training to City Departments. 



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Contact Information

600 W Blue Heron Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Phone: (561) 845-4028


Department Staff

Interim Chief Information Officer:

Pierre Smith


Security Analyst:

Maxwell Cooper

System Administrator:
Keith Hampshire


Network Administrator:

Timothy Jackson

WebMaster IT Specialist:
Wyllem Marcello

Information Services Technician:
Stephen Aitcheson

Information Services Technician:
Donald Edman

Information Services Technician:
Anthony Pontarelli

Information Services Technician:
Ryan McConnell