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Building Fees

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Building Permit Fees

City of Riviera Beach Building Permit Fee Schedule 


Permit fees shall be based on the valuation of work, as defined by the most current building valuation data provided by the International Code Council, as amended. The valuation of work shall be utilized with the fee schedule in order to determine the total fee due. Primary or master permits will include the cost of all sub-permits, provided the necessary information is completely detailed on the plans that are submitted for permit and the total cost of such improvements is included in the estimated value.


Base permit fees will utilize a tiered permit fee calculation, meaning that defined valuation of work thresholds carry specific fee percentages due. This tiered system is cumulative, so multiple tiers may apply to a single building permit as well as other applicable fees which are added together to calculate the total permit fee due.  Additional fees my be charged as applicable in addition to any base permit fees as detailed in the City Code of Ordinances.



Impact Fees

City of Riviera Beach Impact Fees 

Palm Beach County Impact Fees Effective 8-01-20


As one type of regulatory fee, impact fees are charges imposed by local governments against new development to provide for capital facilities’ costs made necessary by such growth. Examples of capital facilities include the provision of additional water and sewer systems, schools, libraries, parks and recreational facilities. Impact fee calculations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from fee to fee. Impact fees also vary extensively depending on local costs, capacity needs, resources, and the local government’s determination to charge the full cost or only part of the cost of the infrastructure improvement through utilization of the impact fee


The Building Division collects City of Riviera Beach Impact Fees as well as Palm Beach County Impact Fees.  The fees are collected prior to permit issuance and must be paid in cash, check or money order.


The following resources are available:

Office of the Inspector General
Palm Beach County Property Appraiser


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Building Official

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Permit Technician
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Permit Technician
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