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Billings & Collections

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The Billing & Collections Division of the Finance Department provides services of general city and utility billing revenue collection, utility billing services for water, wastewater, trash removal, storm water, and customer service.


In addition to billing and collection activities, historical records are maintained for each account to assist in account analysis. This Division is also responsible for receiving applications for new water and sewer service as well as service disconnection's for delinquent accounts.


Additional Signers
Additional Signers provide Third-Party Account Access to account and billing information. In the event the account owner/renter is unable to obtain billing information, this form allows the account owner/renter to designate a third-party individual(s) to obtain account information only. This form must be printed out, signed, and brought to the Utility Billing Division by the owner/renter with their driver license. If someone other than the account owner/renter brings in the this form, it must be signed by the account owner/renter and notarized.
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Randy M. Sherman

Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Phone: (561) 845-4040


Nydia Reynolds

Assistant Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Phone: (561) 845-4040


Kim Lawson

Customer Service Manager
Phone: (561) 845-3416


Tessfa Bell

Treasury Manager

Phone: (561) 841-0208


Lucia Savvides

Financial Services Manager

Phone: (561) 840-3115